Working in performance art, installation, video and bookworks, Michael Lumb had his first one man show more than 50 years ago. Since then he has exhibited and performed in Britain, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Serbia and the Ukraine. Michael Lumb has also written on bookarts and curated a number of bookarts exhibitions in England and abroad. With Emma Johnson he set-up the GRIP partnership to generate and curate international exhibitions in Ipswich (the town in which he lives) and abroad.

December 2020 UPDATE:

For the last thirty years my practice has largely been in performance and installation, normally in informal venues, invariably outside the context of the commercial gallery structure. In many cases these works have been shown alongside the works of other artists, curated by me, usually with GRIP (see above) or in other countries to which I have been invited. With the considerable change in politics during the last decade these possibilities have become more and more difficult to create, leading me to locate a different strategy for my practice.

Since the mid nineteen seventies I have found that the book format has been the best way to present some of my ideas and to date I have produced more than 100 different editions. Working with this format has the advantage of allowing me to control the work from creation to distribution and to maintain a strictly non-commercial policy. Inevitably this presents itself as the logical solution as to how to continue my practice.

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