My work is about what it is to be a man of a particular age in a particular country at a particular time. Different ideas will lead to different outcomes: performance; installation; video and bookworks. The performance work focuses on the universal problems faced by humanity and the struggle to overcome the problems of our own making.

Since 2001 most of my work has been informed by my on-going autobiography, Towards an Understanding of my Existence. This was never intended for publication, not least because it is not in a standard narrative form, given that I am attempting to annotate everything that I own to the text. As a boy, I collected many things and was a keen photographer, consequently, among many other things, I have a large amount of postcards and photographs which I have used both to inform the text and as an aide memoir. I accept that my ambition to annotate everything is unrealizable but completion of my autobiography is not the ambition. Although the autobiography is still in progress, I have taken time away to write an offshoot entitled Towards Artwork. In this work I have written a full account of every piece of creative work that I have ever produced, itemizing and annotating every extant work, every piece of documentation and each individual note in my notebooks. This work is complete to date. The main text has generated a number of artworks that I have then annotated back into the text in a circular process.