Curriculum Vitae

Michael Lumb, BA, MPhil, F.R.S.A., ILTM.
9 Redan St., Ipswich IP1 3PQ. England.

1945 born, Yorkshire, England.

Selected Fine Art Work Since 1993
*denotes curation.
2013 MAN-AGE ‘Borderline Performance Festival’, Blackfriars Crypt, Norwich
2011 The Static Performance Peppermint Shed, Sproughton, Suffolk
2010 Still Now 'Response' Landguard Fort, Felixstowe
2009 Sacred Drawings Hay Gallery, Colchester Institute
2007 Re-Searching Journey Tullie House, Carlisle
2006 Beyond the Call of Duty The Town Hall Galleries, Ipswich.
2005 Open 2 Art ‘Mind’ Shop, Ipswich.
2004 VIP1 Butley Mills Studios, Suffolk.
Remote Centre Noroit, Arras, France.
2003 Inspiration St. Clements, Ipswich.
Segue St. Mary at the Quay, Ipswich.
2002 GEGarts, Suffolk College, Ipswich.
2001 7th Wexford Artists’ Book Exhibition, Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford, Ireland.
Art and Soul – Artists’ Bookworks, The Golden Hind Bookshop, Deal, Kent.
2000 For one night only, 25 Grimwade Street, Ipswich.
Third International Artists’ Book Exhibition, King St. Stephen Museum, Hungary.
Art Camp, Jasbereny, Hungary.
Out of the Blue, Mamu Galeria, Budapest, Hungary.
6th Wexford Artists’ Book Exhibition, Wexford Arts Centre, Wexford, Ireland.
1999 Networking, P-House Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
British Artist’s Books, National Museum of Foreign Art, Riga,
Gallery Laipa, Valmeira, Latvia.*
Madona Art Museum, Latvia.*
Sites Abroad 2, Forefront Gallery, Suffolk College, Ipswich.*
Inner spaces 7, Centrum Sztuki, Wspolczesnej, Poznan, Poland.
1998 Bookarts in Britain, Galeria Arsenal, Poznan, Poland.*
Water Tower Gallery, Konin, Poland.*
Museum of Bookarts, Lodz, Poland.*
Inner spaces 6, National Museum, Poznan, Poland.
1997 Future Suitcases, Museum of Work, Hamburg, Germany.
Inner spaces 5, Galeria Miejska, Poznan, Poland.
1996 Sites abroad, Octagon Gallery, UCS, Suffolk.*
Inner spaces 4, Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok, Poland
Galeria Wyspa, Gdansk, Poland.
By its cover, Speck Studios, London.
1995 Inner spaces 3, Galeria Miejska, Poznan, Poland.
1994 Four Ways of Seeing, Hatchards Gallery, Ipswich.*
Aspects of Fine Art, Forefront Gallery, UCS. Suffolk.*
Inner spaces 2, ON Galeria, Poznan, Poland.

GRIP SHOWS (with Emma Johnson)
2003 Two Texts Forefront Gallery, Ipswich
2002 Listening Fragments, Forefront Gallery, Ipswich
The City Art Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine.
2001 Strands, Forefront Gallery, Suffolk College, Ipswich.
2000 Two works for Maxim G, Unicorn Gallery, Ipswich.
beginning to get a GRIP, Red Dot Gallery, Ipswich.

2017 Study for Don't Ask Me Whistler Gallery, Dance East, Ipswich.
2016 Redemption St. Thomas church Tower, Ipswich.
2005 Cinderella Asylum, Woodbridge, Suffolk.
2002 On the Edge, Garage, Ipswich.
1999 Vitrine for Kosovo, National Museum of Foreign Art, Riga, Latvia.
1998 Burnt Norton, Museum of Bookarts, Lodz, Poland.
1997 Do you Remember me?, Ancient House Cellar, Ipswich.
Slady, Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok, Poland.
1996 Hoping for the Sun, Forefront Gallery, UCS.
Traces, Richmond House, Ipswich.
1994 Dark Works For the Wall, Forefront Gallery, UCS
Prayer for St.Simeon 2, The Palace,Skoki, Poland.(Video- Installation)
1993 The Sensitive Heterosexual Male, Forefront Gallery, UCS.

2010 Poultice 'Response' Landguard Fort, Felixstowe.
2007 Attachment Art Radonica Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia
You and Me Nachlaot Neighbourhood, Jerusalem, Israel
Lachrymose 1 Underground Prisoners Museum, Jerusalem
Lachrymose Performance Art Platform, Tel Aviv, Israel
Going Off MAP LIVE 2007 Tullie House, Carlisle
2006 Bergamot (with Mel Donohoe) Argyle Street, Ipswich.
Like gossamer
2004 Ready/not ready Butley studios, Suffolk
Metamorphosis Students’ Cultural centre, Belgrade, Serbia
Sonority Centre Noroit, Arras, France.
2003 Waiting St. Clements, Ipswich.
2002 Fragmented, City Art Gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine.
2001 Walking and Moaning, Town Centre, Ipswich.
2000 Esmerelda, Studio Theatre Istvan Paal, Szajol, Hungary.
1999 750 to zero, Suffolk College, Ipswich.
1998 Other Echoes, The Orangery, Holywells Park, Ipswich.
Conduct Becoming, Stary Rynek, Poznan, Poland.
1997 And on the Eighth Day..., Vysoke Uceni, Brno, Czech Republic.
Traces, Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok, Poland.
1996 I Mediate, Smart Street, Ipswich.
Wo Bist du? Kunst Akademie, Stuttgart, Germany.
Energyfield, The Palace, Skoki, Poland.
In Absentia, Richmond House, Ipswich.
1995 An Attempt at Survival in Alien Circumstances too, Smart Street, Ipswich.
I am Here, (with Julian Brooks and Oliver Cameron-Swan) Skoki, Poland.
Wedge, The Palace, Skoki, Poland.
1994 Ambition, Smart Street, Ipswich
Pathway, The Palace, Skoki, Poland. (Video- Performance)
1993 Rebirth, The Palace, Skoki, Poland. (Video- Performance)

2004 Some Contemporary Approaches to Artists’ Books and their Origins, in "Poetics of Search or Search of Poetics", eds. Stepanov Y.S., Fateeva N.A., Nicolina N.A. pub: "Azbukovnik", Moscow. pp437 -444. ISBN 5-88744-056-2.
2003 Newspeak and the Emperor’s New Clothes, ILTHE newsletter No11 Summer 2003 p15. ISSN 1475-4436
2001 The Printed Performance Brian Lane Works 1966-99, RGAP, Derby, England. pp13-24. ISBN 0 9540639 0 2
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1998 Bookarts in Britain, (catalogue essay), Galeria Miejska, Poznan, Poland.
Mailart 1955 to 1995, Democratic Art as Social Sculpture
1996 Ksiazki Artystyczne W Wielkiej Brytanii, Zeszyty Artystczne No9, Poznan, Poland. pp128 – 133
And numerous articles on mailart.


Work in private collections around the world and in the following public collections;-
Canadian Museum of Civilisation.
Museum of Graphic Design, Buenos Aries, Argentina.
Getty Foundation, USA.
Museum of Bookarts, Lodz, Poland.
King St. Stephen Museum, Artists’ Book Collection, Fo Utca, Hungary.
Union Fine Arts Station Kropswolde collection, Foxhol, The Netherlands.
Tate Archive, London.

Numerous references in newspaper articles, catalogues, radio programmes and;-
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1980 Featured on ‘Folio’, Anglia Television.